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Times Square from above.




i searched up ‘hurdlers without hurdles’ on google and i dont regret it

these boots are made for walkin

The ol razzle dazzle


classic disney week; day 4 - favorite classic villain

captain hook - peter pan (1953)


All this mushroom talk reminded me of these weird amphibian/mushroom things I did a couple years ago and never uploaded for some reason.

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Piglet: It’s the most peculiar thing - for the longest time, I thought Rabbit didn’t like her.
Pooh: You know, Piglet, sometimes people care too much… I think it’s called ‘love’…
Piglet: Oh!  Do you think we should tell Rabbit?
Pooh: Don’t worry, I believe he already knows…

teh way he snuggles that teddy bear while sitting on the bed is destroying me

I still have this episode on video tape, and let me tell you folks, it’s one of the best things I can remember from my childhood. 

I say that about a lot of things, but seriously, this one is one that takes the cake. Because we don’t normally associate Rabbit of all people to be kind, compassionate, fatherly, etc. And this episode changed that. 

Look at the sincerity of the animation in this WOW im hurt inside.
welp guys goodnight Im destroyed emotionally enough for today


i will return for the child within one month

this is your warning

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pikmin love

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tat3tops Asked:
What kind of pokemon do you think Tony would be if he were one?

My answer:

omg it’s been so long since I thought about anything like that. I am going to bring up the list of pokemon and give this real thought, lol.

The Pidgey line isn’t terrible for him. EEVEE I think I actually remember doing this before and ended up with Eevee. It works with the whole indecisive idealist thing. But then I’d have to decide which Eevee he’d turn into as successful director!Tony.  Jol..t.eon? :\

Aand not seeing anythinggg… Possibly Shinx? eh. Oh but Fletchling is a good one. Ok well if a bird, Fletchling not Pidgey.

Fletchling is probably the best one after looking through all of the pokemons. I like older Tony as a falcon. FINAL ANSWER, FLETCHLING.


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every time i see this i laugh so hard i’m in physical pain