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This website has been all over my dash today but this has to be the best one

Excuse me while I go translate all of Harry Potter with Gizoogle

I really, legitimately want to read the entire book like this.

Anonymous Asked:
If Mary Poppins wasn't an extremely accomplished witch, I'll eat the Sorting Hat.

My answer:


AU where hundreds of very accomplished witches became English nannies to magical children born into Muggle families

governesses showing children simple household magic so they didn’t suffer complete culture shock when they received their Hogwarts letters

nannies acting as liaisons between 17 year old witches and their Muggle parents to prevent arranged marriages that would have stifled their natural abilities 


I wanted to draw Wukong without all the goddamn armor.

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area 51 is just the american wizarding school

aliens is a perfect cover story


 (via thestarlesswanderer)

binge-watching Game of Thrones as a first watch-through is stressful as fuck. who let me do this

tat3tops Asked:
Cat! I picture you as a psychic type gym leader for some reason. Mmmaybe you would have the Thinker Badge. And as much as I would like to say you would have a Meowstick because it's a psychic CAT I could actually moreso picture you with a pokemon like Xatu or Slowking

My answer:

Definitely Slowking that’d be great. I like Psychic pokemon a lot! I was going to pick six to put as a fake team but IT GOT TOO HARD I LIKE TOO MANY

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and then suddenly it is 10pm and it feels weird to call the sandwich i’m about to go make “dinner”. we are entering late-night snack territory now



Ophryon on FA gave me the idea. It’s part Neanderthal, part sabretooth.

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Real Life Flemish Portraits by Sacha Goldberger

Taking a cue from Rembrandt, Sacha enlisted a small army of costume, hair, and make-up designers to assist his human and live animal models. My personal photo would have been with a mongoose. Aint no cobras coming after me.

Artist: website (via: mymodernmet)

The 1600s in Lyra’s universe.

Reblogging for the His Dark Materials comment

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